Who We Are

Tod Conkright

About Todd A. Conkright, MA, CPT
-President and Chief Learning Officer-

Todd is a human capital strategist, human performance analyst, instructional designer and learning facilitator helping organizations maximize their greatest asset: their people. He has designed a variety of learning solutions using a blended approach of classroom, online and on-the-job methods.

Todd has consulted for companies of 200 to 25,000, implementing creative solutions to challenging performance and knowledge transfer issues. Todd has been instrumental in reducing turnover, improving talent sourcing, increasing knowledge retention and optimizing the customer experience.

Todd earned a B.S. in HR Management and an M.A. in Organization Development Consulting. He is past board president of the local Organization Development Network. As a Certified Performance Technologist Todd has expertise in illuminating and eliminating performance barriers, leading to net gains for organizations.

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

These are the hallmarks of Cornerstone Global Training & Performance Solutions. With more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of service, manufacturing and non-profit industries, we have identified the best practices to advance your success bringing people, processes and programs in line with your organization’s strategic and tactical objectives.

From a people perspective we have expertise in human resource management, job analysis & design, competencies, human performance technology and strengths-based leadership. We have worked globally and understand the cultural aspects of motivation, leadership and organizational design. Our projects have allowed us to work extensively with individual contributors, front-line managers, middle-management and executives. This unique insight helps us to speak the language of each organizational group and present that perspective to other levels.

Combining the rigor of six sigma with thorough change management practices allows us to improve processes in a way that garners the greatest possible support from those impacted.

We possess program management savvy that helps us design and manage the details of programs large and small. From single events to sustainable recognition, learning or evaluation programs, Cornerstone Global ensures alignment with organizational objectives and the necessary structure to keep programs going throughout their useful lifetime.

We’re researchers at heart, desiring to understand your business, your industry and the external factors that impact your organization and may provide additional insight into the appropriate performance improvement solutions.

Our Partners and Affiliates

Leveraging a large network of human resources, training & instructional design, coaching and performance improvement experts, Cornerstone Global Training & Performance Solutions offers clients the best resources to meet your particular needs.