Keynote and Workshop Topics

Peak Performance Through People

Based on Todd’s book Rule of Thumb: A Small Business Guide to Peak Performance Through People. Discover the behaviors and practices that ensure employees are engaged, productive, and contributing to your organization’s mission. Topics include employee selection, coaching, discipline without punishment, and succession planning.

Positively Deviant Leadership

Positive deviance is about forging new paths to achieve above-average results. Positive deviant leaders have teams that are able to succeed and innovate solutions with the same resources as everyone else in the organization. They promote risk-taking, creativity, and challenging the status quo. Emphasis is on the leadership qualities and behaviors that allow a positively deviant culture to develop within your organization.

Investment-Based Performance Improvement

Our current approach to performance improvement often centers on what’s broken and who broke it. An investment based approach leverages an appreciative mindset that chooses to inquire into success and positive possibilities rather than problems. With a foundation of humility, honor, humor and harmony, investment based performance improvement has the power to transform the organization.

Becoming a Performance Sleuth

Todd Conkright is a Certified Performance Technologist – or a performance sleuth. Using the Human Performance Technology framework (International Society for Performance Improvement), a performance sleuth applies a systematic and relational process to uncover the performance challenges within the organization.

The Leader as Servant

Servant leadership turns the motivation of a leader upside down. Rather than relying on positional power and ambition, the servant leader knows the key to individual and organizational is in serving the needs of others. As the servant leader focuses on the growth and development of followers they become empowered to use their strengths and gifts to move the organization towards its objectives.

Appreciative Inquiry for Positive Change

Appreciative Inquiry taps into the power of questions to change the conversation within organizations from problems to possibilities. AI is about bringing stakeholders together to identify the positive core that unites them and provides a framework for co‐creating their desired future. Using the 4‐D cycle of Discover – Dream – Design – Destiny, appreciative is a powerful force in bringing about positive change.

Note about length and customization

Each topic can be presented in a 45‐60 minute keynote format to audiences of any size.

Workshops of 2-8 hours, and summits of 2‐4 days, allow for customization of content to address a specific organizational need or interest. A typical appreciative inquiry summit is 3 days. Workshops are highly interactive, relying heavily on participants to introduce real-life case studies that the group can work through together within the cultural and systemic realities of the organization.

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