Positive Organizational Development

Positive Organizational Development (POD) comes from the positive psychology movement started by Martin Seligmen in the late 1990’s. Instead of looking at what is wrong, what is preventing flourishing in individuals, positive psychology looks at what is working, what contributes to a thriving life.

Applied to the workplace, positive psychology takes on the form of positive organizational development, seeking to discover what is going well and to build on past successes. When we focus our time on identifying what is broken, what is lacking, we create negative dialogue within our organizational cultures. We become fire-fighters, problem-solvers, and hammers in search of a nail.

The University of Michigan has created the Center for Positive Organization Scholarship, with researchers Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn leading the way in discovering how to make our workplaces more vibrant and engaging.

When we intentionally begin asking what the root cause of our success is, we change the conversation in our workplaces to unleash possibility and creativity. When our organizations talk about strengths, asking questions that unveil the positive contributions of individuals and teams, an energetic buzz drives innovation and thriving.

Cornerstone Global Training & Performance Solutions uses Appreciative Inquiry and other POD tools to strategically move your organization forward. As we discover the positive core of your workplace, we look for ways to build on that core to advance your mission by shaping a culture where people look for possibilities instead of roadblocks.

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