Cornerstone’s Solutions for Peak Performance

Cornerstone Foundations for Peak Performance Training Series

You can’t build a strong building on a weak foundation. That’s true in construction and it’s true in business. You’ve probably said it yourself, “our people are our greatest asset, the cornerstone of our business,” but if you haven’t invested in their training and development, there may be cracks in your foundation.

Cornerstone’s Foundations for Peak Performance series is the solid foundation your organization needs to ensure employees work toward your goals efficiently and effectively. Make an investment that will pay you dividends in teamwork, communication customer satisfaction, and more.

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Cornerstone Human Performance Solutions

Human Performance Technology (HPT) is a scientific method for maximizing performance and productivity in organizations. Through years of research and practice, the HPT approach provides a systematic way to discover policies, practices, technology, training, and other factors that hinder peak performance. The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) provides an explanation for the HPT method:

HPT uses a wide range of interventions that are drawn from many other disciplines including, behavioral psychology, instructional systems design, organizational development, and human resources management. As such, it stresses a rigorous analysis of present and desired levels of performance, identifies the causes for the performance gap, offers a wide range of interventions with which to improve performance, guides the change management process, and evaluates the results. Taken one word at a time, a description of this performance improvement strategy emerges.

Human: the individuals and groups that make up our organizations Performance: activities and measurable outcomes Technology: a systematic and systemic approach to solve practical problems

For additional information about the HPT approach, visit the ISPI web site.

Cornerstone Global’s President and Chief Learning Officer, Todd Conkright, is a Certified Performance Technologist. He has expertise in apply the HPT method in a variety of industries and scenarios. Contact us today to schedule an organizational evaluation.

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Virtual Human Resource Solutions

Maintaining a human resources staff can be costly and may distract from the core business of your company. A virtual human resources solution provides your business with access to human resources expertise when you need it at a price you can afford, helping you effectively manage your human capital while staying focused on your primary mission.

Cornerstone offers retainer-based solutions at the level that’s right for your company, from 10-20 hours per month. You can also make Cornerstone Virtual HR available to your employees on a per-contact fee basis. Additional services are available at reasonable hourly rates, designed to provide the ideal level of HR support for your organization.

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Cornerstone Non-Profit Solutions

The Mission of Cornerstone Non-Profit Solutions:

To make people the cornerstone of non-profit organizations by providing human resources support services that maximize effectiveness through wise people, policy and performance management solutions.

Areas of Practice:
  • Organization effectiveness evaluation
  • Strengths Identification
  • Organization HR analysis
  • HR Policy Development
  • Non-profit HR compliance consulting
  • Talent sourcing & staffing
  • Governing board advising
  • Funding portfolio analysis
  • Mission statement evaluation
  • Employee relations
  • Volunteer role descriptions
  • Volunteer performance management

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